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Skill evaluations

When you first arrive, CPR Cindy will check you in and take your temperature, take your Certificate of Completion from you and verify your ID (you must bring an ID with you such as a driver's license, passport, or government ID, and your face must match the name on the certificate), and get you registered.  

You will be introduced to the manikin, you'll practice a few compressions and some breaths so you know what you will be looking for during the evaluation, and you will be given some instructions.  All students will be required to wear a face mask before entering the building, and you will ONLY remove the face mask to show us three sets of CPR, and then your mask will go back on and stay on--we do have to see three full sets of CPR with breaths included.  The instructions kind of go like this...

‚Äč"We will go ahead and begin the evaluation.  I need to see you do your assessment (bang

on the manikin to see if he is conscious, tell me to call 911 and get the AED, check the pulse, and 

being CPR).  You will then do three sets of CPR (30 compressions and two breaths), and 

during that time I will be timing you on your first set to make sure you are hitting

at least 18 seconds, during the second set I am looking for ythe correct hand position, and

during the third set I am listening for 30 clicks)."

The evaluation of adult CPR will begin.  After that we will have you demonstrate how to use a bag mask (if you are a BLS student), and we will do CPR again but this time we will include the AED which you will operate and proceed into a two-person rescue.  We will ask you to perform infant CPR, infant bagging (for BLS), and we will watch you perform skills needed to clear an obstructed airway.  

We will be asking about compression-to-breath ratios on adults, children, and infants, when to begin Heimlich/finger sweep  maneuvers, and so forth to make sure you have retained information from your online course.  Once these Skills have been evaluated, your AHA card will be issued to you, and off you go for two years (if you are taking first aid, we will evaluate those Skills as well when the CPR and AED are done).  Again Skills are done in about 20-30 minutes.  To book an appointment, please head back over to the Classes page, and if you have any questions, please contact us at 877-760-5600.

CPR Cindy

Due to COVID-19, we are having to modify our teaching style to keep students moving through their academics and clinicals, we have to keep the medical professionals working on the front lines, and we have to take care of our first responders.  While we very much enjoy teaching large classes in a fun, comfortable environment, we have to keep our social distancing at 6' to help flatten the curve.

We are focusing on blended learning with the American Heart Association (AHA) to help us keep the certifications rolling.  Online classes are available for Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS), Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED (as well as Pediatrics), and First Aid by itself.  CPR Cindy will guide you with links from this website to the course you need to take on the AHA website, and at the completion of your course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  When you have that certificate in your hand, call CPR Cindy at 877-760-5600 to schedule an appointment, there will be a $25 fee for BLS students and a $38 for Heartsaver students due to CPR Cindy to be evaluated, and you are usually out of the door in 20-30 minutes.  Please keep in mind that CPR Cindy will NOT be "teaching" you during this time--you need to learn everything online, and we will only be evaluating what you have learned.  We will give you time to practice compressions and give breaths so you will know how the manikin responds, and then the evaluations begin.