CPR Cindy

CPR Cindy is based on the fundamental principle that human life is fragile and valuable.  Many medical and tr​aumatic conditions can be effectively managed while emergency crews are on the way.  We believe that it is imperative that not only those in the healthcare profession, but also those throughout the community, be aware and have the skills to handle unexpected emergencies.  

It is our mission to provide a comfortable and relaxed learning environment while teaching practical and critical skills.  Emergency and healthcare training should be easy to access, straightforward in its presentation, and functional.  The goal of CPR training should be more than compliance, but rather learning, understanding, and applying knowledge to each individual's life, in order to improve it and make it safer.

About our company

Owner and Instructor, Cindy South-McCracken (a Paramedic and Employee of the Month at American Medical Response), won the "Best CPR Class" for years 2018 thru 2023.  Her passion, high energy, and ability to instruct are unmatched.  

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​Text: 909-543-8768

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