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​Whether you receive training in one of our in-person classrooms or online, you will receive the same certification.  Our certifications are recognized worldwide--train with the best!
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  • ​Group discounts on all Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider and Heartsaver courses.
  • We can customize training to simplify the process of training many students at one time.
  • We can hold class in your office space, in your warehouse, down a hall (an excellent option for dental offices), outside, or wherever your space lends itself.
  • By having us come to you, it cuts down on your workman's comp cases by not having your employees travel while they are on the clock.
  • We currently hold the exclusive teaching contracts for several school districts.  Their employees come to us whenever they have time, and we bill the district directly.  We can do this for your company or organization too.
  • ​Certifications are emailed to you as soon as payment has been received--credit cards and checks accepted.
  • We only need a minimum of six students to travel and can handle up to as many as you need to get.
  • We bring out equipment for each person to have their own manikin to train on, kneeling pads, cleaning products, and first aid equipment.
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Affordable CPR and First Aid training for groups of all sizes
Common Questions:  
  • ​How does group training work?  For groups under 15, everyone has their own manikin.  But for groups over 15, we rotate groups after each step learned.  For example, Group 1 learns how to compress and breathe and sit down.  Then Group 2 comes up and learns that, then they sit down.  Then Group 3, etc.  When the final group has learned the first step, they stay and learn the next step, and we begin rotation again.
  • Can I have each student pay for training on their own and still get a discount?  Yes, but everyone must be attending the same class on the same date and time.
  • What kind of payment do you accept?  We accept credit cards, company checks, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle.  Payment is required before certifications will be released, and there is a 3% transaction fee for cards and Paypal.
  • I have people in my group with valid certifications and expired certifications; does that matter?  No, we will get everyone done in the same class.
  • When do I get invoiced?  Unfortunately, life happens.  Because of that, we invoice after training has been provided.  Let's say you expected 22 students, but only 18 showed up.  If we invoice for 22 before we arrive, then we have to invoice again for 18.  Doing it after saves time.
  • What if I signed up for six students and you arrive and fewer showed up?  Our minimum is six students paid for.  If we train fewer that day, six students must be paid for, and the people who didn't show up will need to come to our next available public class in downtown Upland.
  • What do we wear for training?  That is up to you.  We recommend people wear socks and kick off their shoes for comfort.  Those with long hair should have a tie to pull it out of their face, and students should be mindful of clothing that is low cut in front or pants that dip down in the back.
  • Does everybody have to be on the floor for training?  Ideally yes since that is where dead bodies tend to land.  But if we absolutely have to go for a table because of a bad knee or hip, we can do that.  Keep in mind they will have bad form and will work harder during compressions because of the height of tables.
  • What if somebody has an injury to an arm, wrist, or shoulder; can they still participate?  Yes.  The AHA states that every person has a right to try to get a certification, but not everybody is guaranteed a certification.  That being said, keep in mind that it takes four pounds of pressure to compress the chest of the manikin.  If they can do that safely, we'd love to have them in class!  Ultimately that is your decision to make.
  • Is there an age requirement?  Nope!  We had an eight-year-old Girl Scout in recently who was DETERMINED to earn a badge in CPR to display on her Brag vest.  She was a sweaty little mess when she went out the door, but a person has never been more proud than her heading out the door.  She was amazing! (the badge was provided by the Girl Scouts, not CPR Cindy)
  • I have a question that hasn't been answered here; what do I do?  Just use the form to the left and contact us.  We are here to help!
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