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CPR Cindy

When do I get my card?

  • As of April 30 2019, you will get your card in your hand before you leave class.  The American Heart Association is going to require ALL AHA locations that teach courses to move to electronic cards some time before the end of 2019.  CPR Cindy is converting to electronic cards at this time.  We will continue to give out paper cards (the cards you have gotten every time you have received training) until they run out of their current stock.  Once that stock runs out, all cards will go electronic. When this transition occurs, morning classes will get their electronic cards via email before midnight the same day, and night courses will get their electronic cards by midnight the next night.​  Depending on how large classes are the weekend of May 4, 2019, some of those students may be electronic, and some may be paper.

How does the electronic card work?

  • You will receive an email after your class that will contain your electronic card.  It is the exact same paper card that we give you in class, but you will print this one out on your own printer at home or at work.  And what is really great about this change is that if you lose or misplace your card, all you have to do is print it back out.  That will save you replacement fees for a new card from CPR Cindy, so be sure to keep that email in a safe place.  Should you accidentally lose your email, a replacement electronic card can be sent out for a $20 fee for BLS and a $30 fee for Heartsaver students.

Are your cards through the American Heart Association?

  • Yes, our cards are from the American Heart Association, and cards are good for two years.

Does CPR Cindy really start classes on time?

  • YES!  You are expected to be on time for work and school, and CPR Cindy expects you to be on time to class.  Crucial information is given in the first few minutes of class, and this information is what you build on throughout your course and is on the written exam.  Be on time, and be courteous to your classmates--you are learning how to save a life after all.  It's important!

Where is your class held?

  • Classes are held at The Ontario Gateway Hotel located at 2200 E Holt Blvd in Conference Room 321 (this classroom may change on occasion--be sure to check with the front desk upon your arrival).  To get to the conference room, enter the hotel through the front doors, and use the elevators to your right.  Go up to the third floor, and go left out of the elevators.  Go through the glass doors in to the conference center, and room 321 is on your right in the first hall.

What do I wear to class?

  • You will spend the majority of the time on the floor (because that is where dead bodies hand a tendency to land outside of a hospital environment).  We recommend you wear something comfortable, and most students participate while wearing socks the whole time.  Oh yeah, and if you have long hair, bring a rubber band--you'll thank me.

What if I don't show up or am late?

  • The conference room has to be paid for, and CPR Cindy has to know you are going to show up.  Reservations and payment are due ahead of time.  You are allowed to change your reservation date one time if it is before the 24-hour window of your class start time.  If you change that date within the 24-hour window, you will be charged an additional $25 fee.  If you cannot make class or want to go to a different location and want a refund, there is a $25 processing fee.  If you are late or are a no-show, there are no refunds.  You can reschedule for another date for an additional fee of $25.  When you make a reservation, CPR Cindy purchases your certification so it's ready for your arrival and hopefully successful completion of the course.  If you don't show or cancel, CPR Cindy gets stuck with the bill.  

Is there anything to do at the hotel if I arrive too early?

  • ​Absolutely.  The hotel serves a full breakfast in the morning as well as coffee, tea, water, and light snacks.  In the afternoon and event times, the "D Street Cafe" is open for all kinds of food.  Feel free to come check in and then wander the beautiful facility while you are waiting (but be sure to be back through the classroom door before it closes).